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Hyundai hits top gear with DSG


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Hyundai’s ix35 could soon have the option of DSG. Hyundai’s ix35 could soon have the option of DSG.

DIRECT shift gearboxes, better known simply as DSGs, have become the in-thing among the world’s top technicars, such as Porsche, BMW and other European makers.

But it will also soon feature on some Hyundais.

The Korean company has done a deal with German transmission builder LUK and the dual-clutch automatic system, now in the final stage of development, will be fitted to ix35, i45 and possibly the i30 in Korea in the course of 2011.

Some Kia models, including the Sportage, will also get PSG.

Hyundai-Kia research and development president Woong-chul Yang said the system, to be known as PSG (for parallel shift gearbox) would be a six-speeder.

A seven-speed version is also in the pipeline.

While the PSG is said to be quicker than a manual or regular automatic, Hyundai’s main aim is to improve fuel economy, rather than performance.

“Economy is a top priority for us,” Dr Yang said.

But when the advanced system will reach Australia is not certain. However, Australia is Hyundai’s fifth biggest market, so it is likely to arrive.

The Hyundai-LUK system has two computerised clutches – one for first, third and fifth gears, another for second, fourth and sixth.

In a separate move, Hyundai has built its own eight-speed automatic transmission, which will be fitted to its luxury Genesis and Equus models next year.

Those cars will definitely not be Oz-bound.

They come in left-hand drive only and are sold only in the domestic, Canadian and US markets.

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Not a bad transmission. Wondering if the DSG transmission will be available in USA/Canada ??

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